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Truck drivers still use cellphones while driving despite federal ban

Large commercial vehicles, while a necessity for the success of industry, can be potent, deadly weapons when not properly handled. For this reason, federal laws are currently in place banning the use of electronic devices by truckers and other commercial vehicle drivers while they are on the road. Despite the ban and the clear danger […]

Study looks at the role of alcohol in car accidents

Alcohol plays a role in many preventable car accidents that occur each year in Illinois and nationwide. The extent of this issue, however, still remains unclear as studies show that alcohol is often underreported in car accident cases. This misrepresentation of information may compromise the efforts of law enforcement and other officials to effectively combat […]

Responsibility of trucking companies to keep fleet vehicles running properly

The sheer size and weight of a tractor trailer alone is enough to pose a danger to Illinois motorists on the road. However, when essential equipment on a massive vehicle is not working properly, there is an increased chance that the big rig may cause a devastating truck accident. Just as in any other moving […]

Nursing home patients and antipsychotic medications

Nursing home facilities have an obligation to provide adequate care for the patients who reside there. However, nursing homes across the country have been administering antipsychotic medications to their residents inappropriately, causing significant physical and emotional trauma to patients and their families. According to the Center for Medicare Advocacy, unfortunate accounts of physician kickbacks, illegal […]

Insurance companies often deny claims for cyclist injuries in car accidents

Using a bicycle for transportation and recreation has become more common throughout the Chicago area in recent years. Despite cyclists’ increased exposure and the popularity of the sport, motorists still often fail to look for them when they are out on the roads. This can lead to serious, life-threatening collisions where the cyclist is the […]

Human hormone study could lead to first treatment for brain injury victims

Traumatic brain injuries are considered to be some of the most devastating injuries a person can obtain because of their far-reaching consequences and doctors’ general inability to directly treat the condition. However, ABC News reports that a new clinical trial is currently underway in which doctors are studying the effects of progesterone on TBI patients. […]

Heat stroke is a real concern for outdoor workers

Exposure to excessive heat is a serious danger for people who work outdoors. According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, 423 American workers died from heat illness during the years 1992 through 2006. The combination of hot weather, heavy protective clothing, hard physical labor, and bulky equipment can make some professions such […]

Illinois workers’ compensation: What are the rules relating to prescription drugs or alcohol?

In Illinois, there are situations when workers may consume alcohol or be on prescription medications while on the job. Employees in the beer industry, for example, may taste alcohol in the course of performing their job duties. Likewise, other workers may be taking prescription drugs during the workday at the direction of a physician. In […]

Employers who fail to provide workers’ compensation benefits could be charged with a crime

Ever since Illinois passed its first workers’ compensation law in 1911, employers have been required to provide financial assistance to workers who suffer an injury or illness on the job. The workers’ compensation system is still a crucially important part of the state’s economy a century later. According to the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission, injured […]

Seeking help through the Illinois Injured Workers’ Benefit Fund

According to the Illinois Department of Labor, more than 150,000 workers in the state experienced on-the-job injuries in 2013. Every injured worker has the right to claim full compensation for all hours of work lost and all medical expenses incurred. Unfortunately, some employers may not have sufficient insurance to cover the needs of their injured […]

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