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Work zone workers’ fatalities rise every year

A highway work zone can be an extremely dangerous workplace. Statistics compiled by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health show a steady increase in the number of fatalities at road construction sites between 2008 and 2012. Over 30 Illinois employees were killed in work zones in 2012, and the number continues to rise. […]

Illinois legislation seeks to make changes in workers’ compensation for paramedics

In the course of their work, paramedics can face many, serious risks. According to the National Association of State EMS Officials, emergency medical service workers are six times more likely to be injured on the job, or to contract an occupational illness, than are employees in other professions. Many paramedics, who suffer from a work-related […]

Misdiagnosis one of the most common medical errors

When Chicago residents are asked to think of medical errors their first though is usually of a surgical sponge left inside a patient, or the wrong body part being removed during surgery. However, misdiagnosis is actually one of the most prevalent forms of medical error seen in the profession. While it may not be as […]

2014 Illinois DUI report shows about 35 percent of traffic fatalities are alcohol-related

Drivers across Chicago are faced with the possibility of being victimized in a drunk driving accident each time they enter the roadways. According to the 2014 Illinois DUI report, 35 percent of all fatalities in the state in 2012 were related to alcohol use. This is three percent higher than the national figure of 32 […]

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