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The injury risks that Illinois delivery drivers face every day

The demands on delivery drivers in Illinois can be significant, especially during the holiday season. The combination of high volumes of packages to be delivered, bad traffic and potential car or weather problems, can interfere with these drivers’ best efforts to do their job. When unfortunate car accidents happen, delivery drivers rely on workers’ compensation […]

Can I receive workers’ compensation for my fibromyalgia in Illinois?

When people think about workers’ compensation in Illinois, they picture someone who has suffered a broken bone, a head injury or muscle strain. However, some disabled workers are not dealing with such an obvious work-related injury. Instead, these workers struggle with a medical condition related to their employment, such as fibromyalgia. What is fibromyalgia? Fibromyalgia […]

Common work injury hazards found in warehouse environments

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, warehouses are among the most common environments for workplace injuries. Manually lifting heavy packages and operating warehouse equipment all come with some kind of injury risk. . Warehouse workers who are injured on the job in Illinois may be entitled to workers’ compensation. Repetitive motion or poor technique […]

5 differences between tractor trailers and passenger vehicles

According to a report from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, there has been an increase in accidents involving commercial vehicles in recent years. Illinois data shows that more than 5,500 truck crashes occurred in 2012, and statistics indicate that the passenger car occupants have the highest risk of injury. Of the 3,514 people killed […]

Failing grade for Illinois nursing homes

Families for Better Care is a nonprofit elder advocacy group that recently reviewed the care received by residents of nursing homes in each state. The group based the grades on deficiencies, complaints, inspections and staffing. These results are posted on the website, The report showed Illinois failed every area except health inspections in both […]

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