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Driver perceptions may cause motorcycle accidents

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 4,957 motorcyclists were killed nationwide in the year 2012. This alarming statistic is a 7 percent increase from the number of motorcyclist deaths in the previous year. A Chicago motorcycle accident attorney would agree that this overwhelming number of deaths is often due to the neglect of […]

How distractive are in-vehicle systems to drivers?

In recent years, many states including Illinois have enacted legislation that prohibits the use of handheld cellphones and other technologies while driving. In response, many of today’s automakers, tech giants and consumers are turning to hands-free or voice-based in-vehicle systems for communication purposes and navigation assistance. Given that these new technologies have been in use […]

Risks associated with driving forklifts

As any Chicago work comp attorney is aware, Chicago workers in virtually every type of workplace are exposed to some risks of injury. However, some industries present higher risks of a workplace accident than others. Warehouses, in particular, pose a variety of injury risks to workers. Furthermore, these venues expose workers to risks of fatal […]

Despite precautions, construction accidents can still happen

The Chicago Tribune reported in recent months a construction site accident involving four iron workers. Three workers had just finished connecting a steel beam using what the industry calls a two-bolt connection system. While standing on the connected beam after finishing that operation, the bolts sheared off. Without the bolts in place, the steel beam […]

Illinois workers’ compensation and pre-existing conditions

As any Illinois workers’ comp lawyer is aware, sustaining an injury on the job can be a challenging experience for workers. A workplace injury may not only imply medical bills, but also missed time from work, which could result in lost wages. Given the difficulty of preparing for these contingencies, the state of Illinois requires […]

4 things to watch out for on Illinois’ wintry roads

As wintry weather hits Chicago, roads and highways will become extremely dangerous. According to My Fox Chicago, one pile-up on Interstate 90 involved two tractor-trailers that jackknifed, leading to a 13-car accident. Fortunately, no one was hurt. However, as any Chicago car accident attorney knows, poor road conditions often lead to injury and even death. […]

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