Archives for October 2015

Can Employees with Pre-Existing Conditions Still Receive Workers Comp Benefits in Illinois?

The recent debate over budget concerns in Illinois is keeping workers’ compensation reform in the news. This leaves Chicago employees suffering from injuries that were aggravated by activities in the workplace wondering if their workers’ compensation claims will be covered. In many cases in Illinois, workers can receive benefits if a pre-existing condition is aggravated. […]

Are heavier trucks safe for the road?

Are heavier trucks on the road safe? A new bill proposed by Rep. Reid Ribble may allow tractor trailers that weigh 91,000 pounds and have six axles on the federal interstate highway system. Currently, a truck is allowed to weigh 80,000 pounds with 5 axles. Safe Trucking Act This is part of Ribble’s Safe Trucking […]

Does Your case Have Merit?

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