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When “Safe” Equipment Isn’t so Innocuous

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) estimates that office equipment is responsible for 75,000 on-the-job injuries each and every year. These injuries range from strains and sprains, to burns and broken bones. Whether from falling, or from malfunction, these injuries pose a real risk that many office workers hardly consider until they find themselves […]

Governor Rauner Targets Workers Compensation Reform With “Turnaround Agenda”

Workers compensation reform is a hot button topic for states around the country. Businesses blame strict liability statutes for high insurance premiums, and claim workers compensation drains them of the capital needed to expand or create new jobs. Employers believe limiting their exposure will fuel rapid growth and bring jobs back to the state.

Will Funeral Home Liquor Licenses Increase Drunk Driving?

A decision by the Wheeling, Illinois Village Board created a new liquor license classification. The change will allow a local funeral home to serve alcoholic beverages to those attending funeral services on the premises. This is a first for the state of Illinois. It gives the funeral home pioneer status. It also generates new legal situations for a Wheeling […]

Teen Drivers Continue On Upward Accident Trend

Drivers aged 16 to 25 are more likely to be involved in collisions and cause damage than their older counterparts. This is due in part to their inexperience behind the wheel. In addition, young drivers are more prone to being influenced by distractions. The ultimate result of pairing inexperience with increasing levels of distraction is […]

Injured by an Uninsured Driver?

Driving in Arlington Heights and the surrounding areas carries with it the strong possibility for an auto crash with injuries. The most recent Illinois Department of Transportation Crash Facts and Statistics report documents 27,075 crash related injuries and 211 deaths in Cook County alone. Illinois motorists are required to provide liability insurance for the damage and injuries they cause, but uninsured motorists slip through the […]

How Common are Food Slicer and Grinding Injuries?

A typical hospital emergency room might not see food preparation injuries on a daily basis. When they do occur, these injuries can be severe and disabling. Meat grinding and food slicer mishaps are common enough that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration mounted an ongoing campaign to draw awareness to the problem. The OSHA Fact Sheet: […]

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