Archives for July 2016

Mobile Games are Causing Car Accidents

While most of today’s drivers understand the dangers of using mobile devices while driving, the temptation of mobile games is luring the eyes of drivers away from the road, leading to accidents. Unfortunately, both players and those caught in the wrong place at the wrong time have been affected. The Mobile Game Craze Games played […]

Pokemon Go: Worse than Texting and Driving?

Car accident fatalities, after declining for decades thanks to car safety innovations, like seatbelts and airbags, and public safety campaigns against drunken driving, are starting to rise once more. These rates are increasing due to some factors, chiefly, distracted driving. Pokemon Go, the latest craze to hit the smartphone industry, is highlighting this often ignored […]

Overcorrecting is the Incorrect Reaction

Overcorrecting to avoid obstructions or potential collisions is a leading cause of accidents. This last-second attempt at avoiding an accident often leads to disaster. Each year, numerous overcorrection accidents occur when motorists swerve sharply to avoid deer, pedestrians, or traffic in the roadway. It can have deadly consequences. Just this month, two men were killed […]

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