Teen Drivers Continue On Upward Accident Trend

Drivers aged 16 to 25 are more likely to be involved in collisions and cause damage than their older counterparts. This is due in part to their inexperience behind the wheel. In addition, young drivers are more prone to being influenced by distractions. The ultimate result of pairing inexperience with increasing levels of distraction is […]

Injured by an Uninsured Driver?

Driving in Arlington Heights and the surrounding areas carries with it the strong possibility for an auto crash with injuries. The most recent Illinois Department of Transportation Crash Facts and Statistics report documents 27,075 crash related injuries and 211 deaths in Cook County alone. Illinois motorists are required to provide liability insurance for the damage and injuries they cause, but uninsured motorists slip through the […]

How Common are Food Slicer and Grinding Injuries?

A typical hospital emergency room might not see food preparation injuries on a daily basis. When they do occur, these injuries can be severe and disabling. Meat grinding and food slicer mishaps are common enough that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration mounted an ongoing campaign to draw awareness to the problem. The OSHA Fact Sheet: […]

Silence is Golden When Filing Personal Injury Claims

Technology has made it so easy to say what we want to say, how we want to say it, where we want to say it, and when we want to say it. However, just because an individual can . . . it doesn’t mean that they should. That is because online communications whether they are […]

Is Workers Compensation the Only Option for Injured Workers in Illinois?

According to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), an alarming 4,679 American workers lost their lives due to work related injuries in 2014. While that number is a significant improvement from the 14,000 work related fatalities seen 43 years ago, before OSHA was created, there is still a lot of improvement to be made. […]

Drowsy Driving is a Deadly Decision

Drowsy driving is one of the fastest growing causes of vehicular accidents. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that drowsy drivers may be responsible for up to 1.2 million crashes every year. The agency further estimates that these accidents result in 71,000 injuries and as many as 7,000 fatalities.

Can Employees with Pre-Existing Conditions Still Receive Workers Comp Benefits in Illinois?

The recent debate over budget concerns in Illinois is keeping workers’ compensation reform in the news. This leaves Chicago employees suffering from injuries that were aggravated by activities in the workplace wondering if their workers’ compensation claims will be covered. In many cases in Illinois, workers can receive benefits if a pre-existing condition is aggravated. […]

Are heavier trucks safe for the road?

Are heavier trucks on the road safe? A new bill proposed by Rep. Reid Ribble may allow tractor trailers that weigh 91,000 pounds and have six axles on the federal interstate highway system. Currently, a truck is allowed to weigh 80,000 pounds with 5 axles. Safe Trucking Act This is part of Ribble’s Safe Trucking […]

Impact on the “gig economy” of NLRB’s Redefinition of Joint-Employer Standard

Economies evolve and change over time, thus standards and definitions must be continually reviewed to ensure that the protections the law provides can be applied to the workforce as it currently operates. In the digital age, and in an era when subcontracting labor is an increasingly common event, the NLRB has set forth to redefine […]

5 social media postings that could affect your injury claim

Social media has become a prominent feature in the lives of most people living in Illinois. Through these online outlets, people share political beliefs, photos, memes and updates about what is going on around them. With so much information in one place, attorneys in Chicago and elsewhere have begun using social media as evidence in […]

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