How long will it take for my car accident claim to settle?

With the Illinois Department of Transportation reporting 285,477 crashes on state roadways in 2013 and 85,031 injuries during that time, many state motorists find themselves filing insurance claims for related damages and expenditures. These claims may come from victims seeking compensation for property damage to their vehicles or property, or they may involve those seeking […]

5 signs a driver may be drunk

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, roughly one in three U.S. traffic fatalities involve a drunk driver. While drunk driving is a serious problem nationwide, an Arlington Heights auto accident attorney knows that statistics specific to Illinois indicate that the problem is especially severe on state soil. Data from the National Highway […]

Is your insurance company guilty of using cheap repair?

With the Illinois Department of Transportation reporting 845 car crashes on Illinois roadways last year alone, state motorists are increasingly seeking affordable methods of automotive repair following accidents. Often, the accident victims are encouraged to go through a member of his or her insurance company’s “preferred network,” but a recent report published on CNN suggests […]

Identify a traumatic brain injury with these 5 symptoms

According to a study by the Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention, traumatic brain injuries account for approximately 30 percent of all injury deaths in the U.S. Auto accidents are among the primary causes of TBIs, and were responsible for an estimated 26 percent of TBI-related deaths within a recent four-year span. With 845 automotive […]

Electrocution a real risk for those in construction

Construction is one of the most important industries in Illinois. Hundreds of thousands of people across the state are employed in building, alteration, repair, renovation and other construction specialties. Construction workers are often exposed to dangerous sources of electrical energy. Unsafe conditions or improper training on construction sites can lead to instant death by electrical […]

Sanitation work can be hazardous to your health

Although sanitation work may not initially seem very hazardous, many sanitation employees in Illinois and throughout the country sustain serious injuries and seek the assistance of a workers compensation lawyer in Arlington Heights or pass away performing their duties. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 450 workers over the age of 16 […]

True number of drunk driving fatalities unknown

Many people in the United States, including here in Illinois, die in drunk driving accidents on a daily basis and prompt their surviving loved ones to turn to an Arlington Heights car accident attorney. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 30 people in the country pass away every day in a […]

5 extremely dangerous driving behaviors

There are many different driving behaviors that can put a driver at risk of causing an injurious or fatal car accident, prompting the victims involved to seek the assistance of a Wheeling car accident lawyer. However, some dangerous driving behaviors are more common on the roads in Illinois than others. 1. Drunk driving In Illinois, […]

What are 3 types of thermal burn injuries?

Burns are among some of the most catastrophic injuries an individual can sustain in an accident. They often leave victims in tremendous pain and with lasting disfigurement. A Chicago injury lawyer may see many burn injury victims throughout his or her career and therefore understands the pain that these individuals are forced to endure. The […]

Distracted driving: New Illinois bill seeks Class 2 felony charge in fatal car accidents

A 17-year-old girl recently killed a cyclist when the van she was driving swerved and struck the 45-year-old man. The Chicago Daily Herald reports that the teen was texting as the accident occurred. The man’s injuries were severe, but he did not pass away until over three weeks following the accident. Although the accident resulted […]

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