Workers and Visitors Injured at Amusement Parks

Each year, millions of Americans visit amusement parks, fairs and carnivals and unfortunately for thousands, a day of family fun turns to tragedy. Negligence on behalf of the amusement park is often to blame. Amusement Park Injuries Visiting carnivals, theme parks, zoos, water parks and fairs should be a safe, fun experience for families. When […]

Using Online Legal Calculators. Can You Really Predict Damages?

Online settlement and compensation calculators may provide useful information to those who have been injured, but they are no substitute for the advice of a personal injury attorney. The web is full of legal and self-help information. Some of this data is helpful, however, not all of it is applicable to each individual case. Many […]

Automobile Fatalities Decrease as Drivers Demand Safety Features

Motor vehicle crashes continue to be the leading cause of death for individuals between the ages of 16 and 24. In 2014, the most recent year that this data was available, 32,675 people died in motor vehicle crashes. Fortunately, this represents a lower number than 2013, and preliminary data from 2015 indicates that the rate […]

Young Athletes at Risk for Concussions & Traumatic Brain Injuries

Athletic activities are a fantastic way for children to learn valuable skills. For some, athletics can provide a ticket to a college education. The benefits of athletic activity are numerous, as are the risks. Every year, thousands of children end up in hospital emergency rooms after suffering concussions, contusions, and other head trauma. In 2012, […]

Traumatic Brain Injuries Increase Risk for Other Conditions

While most Illinois residents are aware that multiple or significant concussions, also referred to as traumatic brain injuries (TBI) that result from contact sports, falls, car accidents and other incidents can cause lasting cognitive impairments that are often irreparable, many do not realize the impact a single, seemingly minor head injury can have on a […]

Silence is Golden When Filing Personal Injury Claims

Technology has made it so easy to say what we want to say, how we want to say it, where we want to say it, and when we want to say it. However, just because an individual can . . . it doesn’t mean that they should. That is because online communications whether they are […]

Impact on the “gig economy” of NLRB’s Redefinition of Joint-Employer Standard

Economies evolve and change over time, thus standards and definitions must be continually reviewed to ensure that the protections the law provides can be applied to the workforce as it currently operates. In the digital age, and in an era when subcontracting labor is an increasingly common event, the NLRB has set forth to redefine […]

Is your insurance company guilty of using cheap repair?

With the Illinois Department of Transportation reporting 845 car crashes on Illinois roadways last year alone, state motorists are increasingly seeking affordable methods of automotive repair following accidents. Often, the accident victims are encouraged to go through a member of his or her insurance company’s “preferred network,” but a recent report published on CNN suggests […]

Identify a traumatic brain injury with these 5 symptoms

According to a study by the Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention, traumatic brain injuries account for approximately 30 percent of all injury deaths in the U.S. Auto accidents are among the primary causes of TBIs, and were responsible for an estimated 26 percent of TBI-related deaths within a recent four-year span. With 845 automotive […]

Wrong-site surgery is all too common

Wrong-site surgeries are a form of medical malpractice that can result in severe pain and suffering for Illinois patients working with a Chicago injury lawyer. Although this type of medical malpractice results in severe consequences, these surgeries are all too common. According to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, these errors occur in […]

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