4 injuries you might not think are work-related

When Illinois employees think of work-related injuries, they may imagine sudden disasters faced by factory workers or construction workers. Work-related trauma is often more subtle. Although these four common injuries do not involve heavy machinery, they are often severely disabling for employees, as a workers’ compensation attorney in Chicago knows. 1. Repetitive trauma Many office […]

Brain injury raises risk of stroke

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 800,000 Americans experience a stroke every year. People who are at risk for the event often have conditions such as high cholesterol, heart disease and diabetes. As a personal injury lawyer Chicago knows, experiencing a brain injury may also increase the likelihood of having a […]

New report names Chicago hospitals among the worst in the U.S. for infections

The American Journal of Medical Quality recently released a report regarding hand-washing behaviors among medical staff in U.S. hospitals. Researchers found that in intensive care units, proper hand sanitation occurred only 26 percent of the time. Elsewhere, the rate of proper cleansing was only at 37 percent. As any Chicago medical malpractice lawyer knows, improper […]

The emotional impact of losing a limb in a personal injury accident

An injury accident that causes an individual to lose a limb typically has a lasting impact on the quality of life. The physical consequences often cause permanent disability, even when a prosthesis provides mobility. The suffering from this type of traumatic event is not only physical, but emotional, as well. Illinois personal injury lawyers are […]

4 Signs of nursing home neglect

According to the National Center on Elder Abuse, approximately one in three residents of nursing homes in the United States suffer neglect. In Illinois, inspections occur every 15 months or less, but a U.S. General Accountability Office study showed that investigations run by the state consistently missed actual harm and immediate dangers to residents, leading […]

Common work injury hazards found in warehouse environments

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, warehouses are among the most common environments for workplace injuries. Manually lifting heavy packages and operating warehouse equipment all come with some kind of injury risk. . Warehouse workers who are injured on the job in Illinois may be entitled to workers’ compensation. Repetitive motion or poor technique […]

Failing grade for Illinois nursing homes

Families for Better Care is a nonprofit elder advocacy group that recently reviewed the care received by residents of nursing homes in each state. The group based the grades on deficiencies, complaints, inspections and staffing. These results are posted on the website, nursinghomereportcards.com. The report showed Illinois failed every area except health inspections in both […]

Illinois legislation: Nursing home care facility owners liable for wrongful death

In Illinois, nursing home facilities are inspected every 15 months or less by state regulators, but according to Families for Better Care, a non-profit elder advocacy group, the state’s nursing homes are still deficient in many critical health areas. The amended Illinois Nursing Home Care Act has placed nursing home liability for fatal accidents on […]

What does the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission do?

According to its official website, the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission is a no-fault system of benefits paid by employers to workers who experience work-related injuries or diseases. In other words, the IWCC is a public institution acting as an intermediary between workers at risk of injury and employers at risk of liability for those injuries. […]

Human hormone study could lead to first treatment for brain injury victims

Traumatic brain injuries are considered to be some of the most devastating injuries a person can obtain because of their far-reaching consequences and doctors’ general inability to directly treat the condition. However, ABC News reports that a new clinical trial is currently underway in which doctors are studying the effects of progesterone on TBI patients. […]

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