Impact on the “gig economy” of NLRB’s Redefinition of Joint-Employer Standard

Economies evolve and change over time, thus standards and definitions must be continually reviewed to ensure that the protections the law provides can be applied to the workforce as it currently operates. In the digital age, and in an era when subcontracting labor is an increasingly common event, the NLRB has set forth to redefine […]

5 social media postings that could affect your injury claim

Social media has become a prominent feature in the lives of most people living in Illinois. Through these online outlets, people share political beliefs, photos, memes and updates about what is going on around them. With so much information in one place, attorneys in Chicago and elsewhere have begun using social media as evidence in […]

Electrocution a real risk for those in construction

Construction is one of the most important industries in Illinois. Hundreds of thousands of people across the state are employed in building, alteration, repair, renovation and other construction specialties. Construction workers are often exposed to dangerous sources of electrical energy. Unsafe conditions or improper training on construction sites can lead to instant death by electrical […]

Sanitation work can be hazardous to your health

Although sanitation work may not initially seem very hazardous, many sanitation employees in Illinois and throughout the country sustain serious injuries and seek the assistance of a workers compensation lawyer in Arlington Heights or pass away performing their duties. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 450 workers over the age of 16 […]

What are 3 types of thermal burn injuries?

Burns are among some of the most catastrophic injuries an individual can sustain in an accident. They often leave victims in tremendous pain and with lasting disfigurement. A Chicago injury lawyer may see many burn injury victims throughout his or her career and therefore understands the pain that these individuals are forced to endure. The […]

Holding down 2 or more jobs can be harmful to your health

The cost of living continues to rise in many parts of America. Some workers are unable to support themselves and their households with a single full-time job. An increasingly large number of employees are working second or even third jobs to help ends meet, as every Chicago accident attorney recognizes. Working 60, 70 or even […]

Overweight officers more prone to injury

Every workers’ compensation attorney in Chicago is aware that law enforcement officers have strenuous jobs. They work long hours in difficult conditions, and they must often pursue suspects on foot or restrain them forcibly. These physical challenges can result in injury. According to a recent study by the International Association of Chiefs of Police, a […]

What is the 2-doctor rule in Illinois?

Recent reforms to the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act may have significant effects on injured employees. HB 1698, a bill passed in June 2011, places a number of restrictions on disability payments, medical fee schedules and arbitration processes. HB 1698 also changes the rules regarding doctor choice for injured workers. The so-called two-doctor rule is one […]

Repetitive injuries common among lab workers

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, a diverse range of workplace environments is responsible for the development of repetitive motion injuries. For example, not only are warehouse workers susceptible to these injuries, but also office workers. A repetitive motion injury is a musculoskeletal and nervous system injury, consequent to performing the same task, […]

Can you receive workers’ compensation for carpal tunnel?

Developing an occupational illness can be a traumatic experience for Illinois workers. This may be especially true when an illness conflicts with the ability to perform work that puts food on the table. For workers who use their hands on the job, developing carpal tunnel syndrome qualifies as one of those experiences. According to the […]

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